Questions & Answers

Do you sell homes of any value?

Yes, We Sell 'em All Big and Small.

Can I hold an open house?

Yes, as often as you wish! We will even provide the signs for you as well as the flyers. If a buyer, not working with an agent, comes through and wants to purchase your home you save 5% just for holding the open house yourself.

Can I have my sign as well as yours on the property?

No. The only marketing right you give up when you list with us is your for sale sign. Having another sign, besides our "RE/MAX Southwest Bill Moore Team" sign could potentially interfere with agent showings, so we only have one sign on the property.

Can I run an ad in the paper or list my house on the Internet?

Yes. The ONLY marketing right you give up when you list with us is the yard sign. If you find a Buyer who is not working with an agent, you have the option of calling and letting us know you’ve sold the property. We will then cancel the listing at no charge to you. Or, if you would like us to represent you in the sale, we will write the contract and handle all the various details to ensure a successful closing. You pay just 1%. This is the same service we provide when you are paying 6%. But in this example, we didn’t find the buyer or show them the property.

Should I pick an area specialist to sell my home?

There are agents who focus primarily in one geographic area or neighborhood. But buyers come from all over, not just that small neighborhood. So an area specialist usually really means “listing agent” in the area.

Years ago the real estate business was successfully composed of lots of small “boutique” offices - where companies did specialize in a certain area or part of town. But computers and cell phones have changed that aspect of the real estate business. Now, what is important in selecting an agent are experience, track record, and marketing skills.

Why should I use a team vs. a single agent?

Because times have changed, no one agent can be everywhere at the same time. Let’s suppose an agent has a relocation buyer in town. For three or four days they have to be with just that one buyer, a dream scenario for the agent, but not so for you. They are unavailable to show your home, they are not available to get feedback on showings, and they aren’t available to negotiate contracts or inspection reports.

Under a team scenario such as ours, we have five buyers agents who are dedicated solely to the purpose of showing properties to potential buyers. We have five staff members for handling all your needs, questions, problems and details--including keeping you informed of activity and feedback on showing, preparing of brochures, inspections, negotiating, repairs and scheduling.

In addition, we have a mortgage loan officer to qualify buyers and to help insure a smoother loan approval process.  We can and do provide a higher level of service to our clients than most agents can even conceive of.

How do I contact you?

RE/MAX Southwest
281-207-5111 - Call Bill Moore's Office direct to list your home.
281-980-6000 - Hot line for buying homes
281-491-1776 - Remax Southwest Office



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