Tips for Selling

Entice buyers with extras

If your home has languished for weeks on the market, consider including appliances or furnishings in the asking price to attract buyers. No one's suggesting that you part with valuable antiques or sentimental items, but you probably aren't that attached to your washing machine. Or perhaps your living room's custom-built bookcase won't fit in your new home.

This strategy might not only encourage someone to purchase your house, but might also save you money and aggravation. If the refrigerator, washer, and dryer don't come with you, movers will be cheaper--or your back will be happier. And if the new home is smaller than your old one, this may be the perfect opportunity to trim down your furniture inventory.

Provide any owners manuals or warranties that you still have for the appliances. Potential buyers will appreciate this gesture--hopefully enough to make you an offer.



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