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What level of service?

When you decide to list your home with a real estate broker, you have many options. You will find large firms, small firms, and even solo practitioners. You can hire a brokerage that provides a large array of services or one that provides only a few.

Whatever firm you hire, be aware that real estate brokers are require by law to provide clients with certain minimum services. A broker who represents a party—a buyer or seller or landlord—is required to inform that person “if the broker receives material information related to a transaction to list, buy, sell or lease the party’s real estate, including the receipt of an offer by the broker.” The broker is also required to answer a client’s questions and must present any offer to or from the party.

These minimum-service requirements do not require brokers to offer “full service” or a large number of services. Beyond the bare minimum, every broker decides what to provide to clients. The law also does not dictate what a broker should or can charge. The amount and method of compensation is determined by each broker.

When you interview a Texas REALTOR® to list your property, find out what services the REALTOR® offers as well as what and how you will pay for that service. And know that no matter what level of service you arrange, you have a right to expect the minimum services guaranteed to you by law.



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