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What should I do with my pets?

If you own a pet, remember that not every potential buyer is familiar or comfortable with all types of pets. Buyers can be frightened or turned off when viewing a home where a pet is present if you don’t take certain steps.

A barking dog may sound bigger than it really is, so it makes more sense to prepare a prospective buyer than to scare him. In order to make the showing agent and his client aware of the animal's existence, the agent can list the information in the local MLS agent remarks and also with the showing service. State where the animal is located and whether it is okay to enter that area. Additionally, make a note and place it on the door of the area where the animal is kept.

Dogs or cats can be put in their kennel in the home for easy showing. However if the animal is large, send it to a kennel during the day. Keep reptiles and birds in their cage and covered if at all possible. Don't make it the showing agent's responsibility to let the animal in or out of the house during the showing. Agents are concentrating on showing the home and instructions often take away from their primary purpose of entering the home and showing it to prospective buyers.

When an animal is left outside, you are running the risk of losing potential buyers if they want to view the back yard. The outdoor areas of the home and back yard are just as important as the rest of the property and should be seen by potential buyers in addition to the house. You often have only one chance to make a good impression, so allow buyers to see the whole property.

Some people are allergic to animals, so it would be a good idea to clean the flooring and wipe down cabinetry and walls before putting the home on the market. Vacuum and mop regularly to make your home sparkle and to avoid animal smells. You may also offer to have the carpets, air ducts, and home cleaned by professionals as an incentive to sell your house.



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